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Supply voltage DC 5V,Number of pulses 100,Circuit Features C-Open Collectore


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Handwheel ISMM1468 slim and lightweight design, metal hand wheel feels clear;
suitable for manual pulse input such as NC line board, MILING, etc.

Zero correction and signal segmentation for machine tools and printing machinery.

Technical Parameters 
Electrical parameters: square wave
Output waveform :A, B two phases
Consumption current: ≤100mA
Response frequency: 0~20KHz
Load ratio: 0.5T±0.1T
Phase difference: 90°±45°
Supply voltage: DC 5V, DC 12V(you can choose)
Output voltage High level: VH≥85%Vcc, Low level VL≤0.3V
Number of pulses 50, 100(you can choose)
Circuit Features C-Open Collector, F-Complementary, E-Voltage, L-Long Line Driver(you can choose)
Mechanical parameters
Position signal: 2 types
Maximum speed: 500rpm
Starting torque: 2X10-2~6X10-2Nm(+25°C)
Impact resistance :980m/S2, 6ms, XYZ directions 2 times
Anti-vibration: 50m/S2,10-200HZ,XYZ direction each 2h
Working life: MTBF≥10000h(+25°C, 2000rpm)