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iST57-10 Leadshine

nema 23,length 88mm,rated torque 1.0Nm,voltage 24VDC~36VDC,max current 7.0A


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The motor and drive are integrated, saving wiring labor and reducing installation space;
The working voltage range covers 24VDC~36VDC;
The working current can be set, and the maximum peak current can reach 7.0A;
Support pulse/direction or double pulse control mode, can receive differential and single-ended signal commands, and the signal level is 5~24V compatible;
Optocoupler isolated differential signal input, strong anti-interference ability;
The impulse response frequency is up to 500KHz, and the default is 200KHz, with digital filtering function;
Provide 15 levels of conventional micro-step subdivision settings, the maximum subdivision number is 256 (51200ppr), allowing users to set the number of subdivisions within the maximum micro-step subdivision range;
When the control pulse stops more than 400ms, the motor current is automatically halved to further reduce the motor heating;
Provide graphical professional debugging software ProTuner, configure drive control parameters through RS-232 communication interface, and set trapezoidal wave speed test mode and point motion test mode;
According to the characteristics of the motor operation, different anti-vibration strategies are adopted for low and medium speeds to ensure the stable operation of the motor within the full speed range;
Automatic identification of motor parameters and automatic adjustment of control parameters, automatically generate optimal control parameters for different motors, and maximize the performance of the motor;
Built-in micro-step subdivision algorithm to realize low subdivision control command and high subdivision operation effect;
High reliability, providing protection functions such as overvoltage and overcurrent;
With alarm output function