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Nema 34  Vacuum Rated Stepper Motor

Nema 34 Vacuum Rated Stepper Motor

Nema 34 Vacuum Rated Stepper Motor


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       Vacuum Rated Stepper Motor,is a customized product,pls email us for the price.
           saels email:      sales@sys-motor.com

  • use in vacuum/high/low temperature environments
  • Vacuum level: Max. 1.0x10-7Pa
  • Radiation resistant: 106Gy
  • Low outgassing
  • Optimized power consumption
  • Heat dissipation provisions
  • Withstand temperature range from-196C to+300C
  • Low vibration generation
  • High amplitude vibration tolerance
  • Complete component origin traceability

Our Vacuum Rated Stepper Motor will be installed in a clean room, vacuum chamber, or perhaps go into space.
Temperature Management
About the heating problem during motor running,we have incorporated magnets constructed from alloys with high-temperature tolerance, along with bearings with grease rated from -80°C to 204°C. Additionally, vacuum motors are wound specifically for vacuum applications. Using a specific winding recipe, we developed a motor that generates less heat and provides sustainable performance in vacuums up to 10-7 Torr at 110°C.
Outgassing and Contaminations
Our motor components (end caps, stator, rotor, and screws) are made from low-outgassing materials. Special sealed bearings are also incorporated into the design. Additionally, all components are thoroughly cleaned and vacuum baked. A cleanroom environment is used to assemble the motor after it has been baked out, and the package is vacuum sealed to ensure that no contaminants enter the package during transportation.